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Full Reference Details: An Oral History interview with Denis Baker.
Dennis Baker
An Oral History interview with Denis Baker.
Photograph of Dennis Baker taken during the Oral History interview.
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Reference Information
Archaeological Period Modern AD 1900-present
Authors Roger Kitchen.
Publication Date 08/02/2005
Landshape Zone Leicestershire and Derbyshire Coalfield
Parish Swannington
Location Swannington, Leicestershire,
Event Start Date 1930
Event End Date 2005
Location of Original Originals held with The National Forest Company.
Reference LANt001
Detailed Description Hear how Denis Baker's still got his marbles! Denis fondly remembers his life in the Coalville area, and recalls happy memories of his childhood - when the "industrial moonscape" of the "inevitable colliery waste and railways" offered "a fantastic opportunity" for a young Coalville lad to play. From camping out in the hawthorn spinney behind the "Juncy" to long summer days exploring the natural beauty of Charnwood Forest, Denis's memories offer a whole new perspective of Coalville and the surrounding area. A well-known and respected local historian, Denis shows his 'cheeky' self, sharing stories of local gangs, the 'Forest Road Gand' and the 'Oxford Street Gang', and of 'selling back' tennis balls to the more afluent members of local society. Denis's enthusiasm for the future of the "new woodland environment" allied to his fantastic knowledge of local history is infectious! The transcript of the full interview is available to read with this contribution, whilst the audio file is a small clip taken from the original recording.

Subsidary Data for Heard, Written and Remembered
Type Verbal Recollections