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Full Reference Details: An Oral History interview with Bernice Hall.
Bernice Hall
An Oral History interview with Bernice Hall.
Photograph of Bernice Hall taken during the Oral History interview
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Reference Information
Archaeological Period Modern AD 1900-present
Authors Roger Kitchen.
Publication Date 15/03/2005
Landshape Zone Leicestershire and Derbyshire Coalfield
Parish Swadlincote and surrounds
Location Swadlincote, Derbyshire,
Event Start Date 19/09/1923
Event End Date 15/03/2005
Location of Original Originals held with The National Forest Company
Reference LANt025
Detailed Description Step back in time with Bernice Hall as she reminisces about her life in Donisthorpe. Recalling her earliest memory Bernice says ??.I can just remember the strike in ?26 because I used to go with me dad somewhere picking coal. He used to take me in the barrow and then bring the coal back?.I would only be three and a half or so when the strike was on in ?26?, and recalls the poverty of the 1930s as she says ?I?ve seen my mum cry when she?s tried reckon up?. ? Wonderfully warm and witty, Bernice says of herself ?Well I?m a funny woman so it doesn?t matter what you ask me cos I dunna tek no notice!? Find out why a pig was put on a wall at Stone Row and why it was later moved to Brodribb?s wall in Moira! Discover why Bernice says that telly is ??.the worst thing that ever happened? and learn about ?Monkey parading? and ?Tipplers?. Finally listen closely as Bernice gives Oral Historian Roger Kitchen a crash course in the ?old South Derbyshire? dialect when she asks ?Ay up me duck?ho you goin? on??, ?Is it wefty todae, are you goin? on wesh?? ?Are you goin? wom?? adding ??.as I say, if ya have to talk reet, ya have to talk reet, cos folk canna understand ya ? you know what I mean ? like ?if you say, ?Boiler?s bost? ? they can?t understand ? ?bost? means it?s burst ? and that sort of thing!? And what was ?Moira Lob?? The transcript of the full interview is available to read with this contribution, whilst the audio file is a small clip taken from the original recording.

Subsidary Data for Heard, Written and Remembered
Type Verbal Recollections