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Full Reference Details: An Oral History interview with Glenna Newbold.
Glenna Newbold
An Oral History interview with Glenna Newbold.
Photograph of Glenna Newbold taken during the Oral History interview
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Reference Information
Archaeological Period Modern AD 1900-present
Authors Roger Kitchen.
Publication Date 20/04/2005
Landshape Zone Melbourne Parklands
Parish Melbourne
Location Melbourne, Derbyshire,
Event Start Date 06/04/1930
Event End Date 20/04/2005
Location of Original Originals held with The National Forest Company.
Reference LANt035
Detailed Description Did you know that New York and California are closer than you think? Melbourne songbird Glenna Newbold explains ?Everybody calls it New York and you don?t question it?. Hear Glenna recall her memories of Melbourne during the war, what it was like having to take her gas mask to school and the time that bombs were dropped on Melbourne. Join Glenna as she remembers long country walks with her family to places such as Robin?s Wood and hear about the winter of 1947 ??terrible snows, dreadful travelling conditions. I would sometimes get home at quarter to nine at night, having finished work about quarter past five?. Learn about the Melbourne Opera Company and listen as Glenna discusses Melbourne?s history of market gardening ?...at one time there were between eighty and a hundred market gardeners in Melbourne?There are three now. ?It would be in the?1950s?that the decline started and some of those market gardeners had been going for about a hundred years?. Describing changes she?s witnessed in the area over the years Glenna says ?I think the major changes have been the amount of land that used to be market gardening land, the demise of the market gardeners and then that land developed?.Lots of development in Melbourne, which I know people need houses, but it was sad to see those fields go?. Discover why you can?t go round Sir Henry?s Lane anymore?and what are Snobs? The transcript of the full interview is available to read with this contribution, whilst the audio file is a small clip taken from the original recording.

Subsidary Data for Heard, Written and Remembered
Type Verbal Recollections