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Full Reference Details: An Oral History interview with Francis Geary.
Francis Geary
An Oral History interview with Francis Geary.
Photograph of Francis Geary taken during the Oral History interview.
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Reference Information
Archaeological Period Modern AD 1900-present
Authors Roger Kitchen.
Publication Date 02/03/2005
Landshape Zone Leicestershire and Derbyshire Coalfield
Parish Bagworth and Thornton
Location Bagworth, Leicestershire,
Event Start Date 1929
Event End Date 02/03/2005
Location of Original Originals held with The National Forest Company.
Reference LANt018
Detailed Description Imagine children playing where cars now scream along the M1, where a horse called 'Captain' used to give 3 boys a lift to the field before ploughing. Francis Geary the ex 'bowser boy' tells us about climbing around Tigermoth 'planes until two o'clock in the morning and diving "under the table" when a stray wartime bomb went off nearby ... "all the bums sticking out from underneath this table"..."it was quite a laugh really".On his bike as a twelve year old paper boy Francis used to cycle daily from Ratby to Groby, Newtown Linford and Woodhouse Eaves, often delivering telegrams to the WAFF's and WAC's at the wartime airbase. Recalling how Newtown Lane used to be a lonely stretch with no houses, Francis pictures for us some of the changes that have happened in the landscape around the Ratby area in the last 60 years. Do you find yourself quoting the age old refrain, 'kids wouldn't have acted like that in my day' well perhaps things haven't changed that much as you'll find out when Francis 'confesses' to getting "chucked out the Scouts for fighting". The transcript of the full interview is available to read with this contribution, whilst the audio file is a small clip taken from the original recording.

Subsidary Data for Heard, Written and Remembered
Type Verbal Recollections