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LANDshapes Learning

Welcome to LANDshapes Learning
On this page you will find links to all the LANDshapes Learning articles.

The LANDshapes Timeline has information about the technology, landscape and society of every archive period from 4500 BC to present day.


Wise up on trees!
This is the place to look if you want to know more about the myths, legends, facts and figures of some of the tree species that you can find in The National Forest.

Trees in mythology

What is a tree? That question seems to have an obvious answer but look back a little way into man’s history and you’ll see that to some cultures a tree was more than just a tree….

The National Forest Landscape zones

Many regular visitors will be familiar with the term 'landscape zones' - but what are they? This article gives a short description of the characteristics of each of the zones.
Modern monks in The Forest
A brief look at the lives of the brothers of Mount Saint Bernard Abbey in Leicestershire, now England's only cistercian abbey.
There were a mine 'ere once, me duck!
A brief look at the history of coal mining in South Derbyshire.
Trees and climate change
A look at how the humble tree can tell us of past climates.
A brief history of the Staffordshire lass who became Queen of Mercia
Palaeolithic - Neolithic
Archaeological periods in the LANDshapes archive. The Stone Ages, Palaeolithic - Neolithic
Meta data in the LANDshapes archive
It sounds complicated but it isn't! This short article explains how and why we use meta data for each contribution in the archive.
Veteran Trees
What is a veteran tree? and how would you recognise one? Find out here...
Tree Rabbits
Read about a rare and mysterious new species of rabbits that are found only in The National Forest area...Believe it or not, there are those who claim to have seen them!