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The National Forest Company and the LANDshapes Project gratefully acknowledge the generous support of our funding partners Jaguar Cars and British Waterways.

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The LANDshapes Web site has been designed and implemented by Cyber Media Solutions Ltd.

Cyber Media Solutions

Cyber Media are a leading Web solutions provider, experienced in building advanced Web sites and content management solutions. The LANDshapes Web site has a number of innovative features such as a database that can be explored in several ways including clickable maps, and an easy to use tool set enabling contributors to readily upload documents, images and media files.

Tony Bonser, Cyber Media’s Managing Director said “We are proud to be involved with the LANDshapes Project, not just because of our interest in local history and archeology but because we feel that the LANDshapes Web site provides a unique opportunity for the community to get involved in building an archive that will be used for years to come - this is a great application for a Web site”. http://www.cyber-media.co.uk

The National Forest Company gratefully acknowledges the technical support and project management, especially that of the accessibility conformance advice, provided by eXpert IT Consultants for the development of the LANDshapes website and archive project.
eXpert IT Consultants www.court.co.uk

Design Wall logoThe National Forest Company and LANDshapes gratefully acknowledge the support of Design Wall for the design and production of the TIMEframe Photography Competition leaflet and poster