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Walk your way into history……A walk around Markfield

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Images from the Markfield walkMarkfield Local History Group and LANDshapes welcome you to a new CD of a walk around Markfield, a small village in The National Forest, to North West of the city of Leicester. It was recorded in June 2005 and Barrie Gannon, a local historian and member of Markfield Local History Group led the walk. We join Barrie and some of the people in Markfield outside the village’s parish church of St. Michael and All Angels.
“We are now on the village green, rather smaller than it was a few centuries ago! Prior toJohn Wesley's plaque the mid ‘50s the village was very small, there was a lot of new house building in the ‘50s and ‘60s and that has had the effect of moving the centre of the village over to the South, so what we are doing today is looking at the old part of Markfield…” Join the journey through Markfield’s historic landscape. Hear how people travelled from Wales to work in the quarries of Markfield, maybe it was to enjoy the 11 pubs, which served the population of 591 people!
Images from the Markfield walk Listen to the story of Markfield, beginning at Markfield's Sawpit, once the hub of village activity. Find out about the dubious activities of the tollgate keepers on the Leicester to Ashby Turnpike road and why it was a 24 hour journey from London to Markfield. Learn where to find the old Markfield Post Mill. Discover where Markfield’s deep Cold War standby radio bunkers are sited and ‘experience’ the fantastic views from 600ft from Hill Hole Quarry over Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Coventry, Rutland, Lichfield, Bardon Hill, Billa Barra, the old Cliff Hill Quarry and the new Stud Farm Quarry, the Leicestershire Coalfields, Charnwood Forest and Bradgate Park.
You can listen to a clip of this fascinating story in the LANDshapes archive by following theImages from the Markfield walk link below to the contribution and selecting numbers 2 or 3 below the photograph

A Walk around Markfield....

You will be able to hear the full story of how this rather isolated, remote and poor 19th century village has developed, through industries such as agriculture, framework knitting and quarrying when the new LANDshapes CD Collection reaches your local library in 2006.

Images from the Markfield walkFor more information about Markfield Local History Group visit their website at

Markfield History....